Planning your Trip to Bilbao and DRS2022

We have planned DRS2022 to take a little longer than standard conferences to provide time for networking and also integrate the online and in person elements of the conference. For this reason we thought we’d give you a quick overview of the programme so you can plan your travel and accommodation accordingly. Rather than having one conference dinner, as usual, we have three keynote dinner events throughout the week. All will be special occasions.

From Saturday 25th June to Saturday 2nd July, and through the week, there is an extensive fringe programme of cultural and design events.

Bilbao is a wonderful place and we highly recommend taking a bit of extra time to experience all that the city and the conference have to offer!

Check out the detailed programme
Download the programme overview here.

Saturday 25th June:

  • Main PhD event, open only to selected participants.

Sunday 26th June:

  • A full day of Workshops.

Monday 27th June:

  • Workshops and Conversations.
  • Opening keynote event at the Guggenheim Museum, dinner included.

Tuesday 28th June:

  • Paper sessions, Conversations, Workshops.

Wednesday 29th June:

  • Paper sessions, Conversations, Workshops.
  • Keynote event, dinner included at Philippe Starck designed cultural centre (Azkuna Zentroa).

Thursday 30th June:

  • Paper sessions, Conversations, Workshops.

Friday 1st July:

  • Paper sessions, Conversations, Workshops.
  • Closing Keynote event, dinner included at the outdoor terrace of the Bizkaia Aretoa, the main conference venue.

Saturday 2nd July:

  • Fringe events, informal session.


Lunch will be served at the main conference venue from Tuesday 28th to Friday 1st.

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