DRS Conversations are a valuable and high quality conference format for structured discussions that advance emergent forms of design research not easily captured or conveyed by the scholarly paper.

We accepted 21 conversations at DRS2022, that will take place either in a hybrid or online-only format. Please find below the list of this year’s conversations. You can now access each conversation’s abstract and browse the full conference agenda at this link.

How might design contribute to a circular economy?

Beyond tokenistic approaches: How can engaging with vulnerable groups shape the policy-making process?

Designing transformative futures

Supporting design research on taboo topics

Designing living artefacts: Opportunities and challenges for biodesign

Collective dialogues on motherhood for feminist futures

Mapping historical research methods in design practice

Guiding the PhD in design: Experiences from six programmes

The desire to excel in design education: Have we pushed it too far?

Pedagogies of bioinclusive design

Who designs for policy?

Is inclusive design failing inclusion? Identifying the dilemmas at the core philosophy and practices of inclusive design

Designing for transitions and transformations

Design + ethics: How is it more than the sum of its parts?

Communicating the value of design research

Design + rhetoric against coloniality

“What do you mean?” The state of design ‘definitions’ within the discipline and beyond

Feeling thinking design with indigenous communities: A horizon

A marriage in practice: The role of design research in the world of science

Critiquing the design critique: Examining traditional assessment methods and shifting to new ways of co-sharing feedback

Prototyping tensions: How to talk to your colleagues about AI

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